Team Project at Olin College

November-December 2017
Rowan Sharman
Henry Rachootin
Toby Shapinsky
Jonathan Jacobs
Onur Talu

Here's a short video of one of the first tests where it actually worked.

If you like to fall asleep to the sound of robots, try this video. Due to some unfortunate EU tariffs or something, most DSLRs won't take videos over 30 minutes, otherwise it would be longer. We don't actually know how much longer, but at least two hours...

Bounce was a team project built for the Olin course Principles of Engineering. It is a robotic ping pong ball bouncer that uses CV to track the ball, a Stewart platform to catch the ball, and a speaker timed by a laser sensing system to hit the ball back up. We have recorded it bouncing a ball for over two hours before an ambient lighting problem prevented the cameras from seeing the ball.

I did most of the mechanical and electrical design and manufacturing and acted as liaison between the mechanical and computing parts of the project.

The website we made for the project, which has a more complete description, can be found here.

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