Lighthouse Catastrophe

Team Project at Olin College

April 2017
Rowan Sharman
Harrison Young
Emily Kohler
Miranda McMillen
Nicole Schubert
Completed sculpture Render of final CAD

This was the second team project for the Olin course Introduction to Mechanical Prototyping. The sculpture depicts a lighthouse being swallowed by a kraken or other large tentacled beast. All design and manufacturing was done in-house by the team. My contributions to the project included design and manufacturing of the base, cam, cam follower, and ring gear assemblies, much of the drivetrain design and assembly, and all the sheet metal design and manufacturing. I also did a lot of the CAD and made the final CAD assembly and renders in SolidWorks. The sculpture won Best in Show.

The motion of the sculpture includes:

  • Man runs around beacon ringing bell twice per revolution
  • Beacon mirror rotates (light above shines onto mirrors)
  • Birds circle above lighthouse
  • Pair of windows on base open and close

the top of the sculpture the sculpture's drivetrain
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