Other Projects

Less Well-Documented and Smaller Personal Projects


My dad and I built this treehouse over several years. It utilizes a flexible "foundation" to allow independent movement of the two trees supporting it.

Lofted Dorm Room

My roomate and I collaborated with another roomate pair to convert our room into a two-level work space and media center, with beds in the other room.

Chainsaw Bike

Yes, it's just what it looks like, and yes, it worked (mostly). Built for free with found materials (including the bike, but I paid $15 for the chainsaw).


Designing and building one's own sawhorses is a rite of passage in carpentry.

Shop Porch

When we built a shed onto the back of our shop, we put in another a door and I designed a small porch and steps that my dad and I constructed.

Secret Knock M&M Dispenser

Features: program code by knocking, play back code with button press, adjust tolerance, and recognize pattern without regard to tempo

Rolling Plywood Rack

A storage solution for the copious amount of scrap plywood my dad and I generate and use.

Rolling Lumber Rack

When you build a big shed, you end up with a lot of extra lumber, which takes up a lot of space in your shed.

Cart for Hydroponics Bin

A quick project that turned into some good joinery practice.

Capstan Fixture

A MatSci teammate and I designed and machined a set of fixtures for testing the tensile strength of fishing line on an Instron mechanical tester.

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